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 Our next Lego Stories event is on:

  Monday, 20 January 2020.



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 Read the Stories and view the Lego creations in photos!



In August, the monthly Lego Stories event took place during the summer break. A wonderful group of multilingual children, toddlers, babies, parents and carers made Lego creations, wrote stories and communicated in many different languages, including Dutch, Estonian, Hindi, Amharic and Arabic.

And, we received eleven delightful stories written by participating children and families. Enjoy reading them and scroll to the Photo Gallery section at the end to view the amazing Lego creations made by the participants – ranging from magical balloons, monsters in the zoo and spaceships of the future to WWII ditches in history!

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On our website, there are resources teaching how to use place value and partitioning to understand division. They offer plain and simple examples and hands on exercises.

Here are two worksheets that may help:

DIVISION STRATEGIES USING PLACE VALUE (partitioning TU by U for years 6 to 12)

DIVISION STRATEGIES USING PLACE VALUE (partitioning HTU by TU for years 9 to 12)

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We have opened a GoFundMe page to help our projects reach their goals.

The money raised will support the volunteers and cover cost of resources.

Thanks for your generosity!


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jUNE 2019 update

Greetings! We’re so happy you’re here!

Next Lego Stories event is on

Monday, 21 October 2019.

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Read their Stories and see the Lego creations in photos!
TTLCIC - Lego Stories in May 2019

The monthly Lego Stories event took place in April during term break. We hosted a wonderful group of multilingual children, toddlers, babies, parents and carers. Together they made beautiful Lego creations, wrote amazing stories and communicated in many different languages!

The next Lego Stories event at North Kensington Library is on Monday 20 May 2019. There is a reward at the end for creative writers who make Lego masterpieces and write a story that goes with them: colourful balloons and bubble makers!

TTLCIC - Read, write, play!

Max 20 minutes to complete a short story with play!

Young writers use the 7-sentence story templates to draft and publish their stories. The 7-sentence structure guides the writing process, to inspire an amazing story with play.


Question-Answer relationships (QAR) is a powerful strategy to boost comprehension, for communicators, readers and writers.

Recently we added a new worksheet to our online resources:

QAR Comprehension Fiction – Worksheet with a Rudyard Kipling story and 28 QAR questions

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TTLCIC - The times tables

Q: How to make learning the times tables easy and fun?

A: By practicing regularly with the Multiplication Square!

TTLCIC - Abacus


Numbers can be mysterious things! Apart from counting or measuring, they are not met through the five senses. And, there are different kinds of numbers: for example rational numbers and irrational numbers.

‘What is a number?’ is not a question asked before children reach the age of attending higher education. Before that time, they work with numbers: in other words, they do mathematics.

If you are helping your children, here are two worksheets that can help with the task:

MULTIPLICATION SQUARE (blank up to 12 for years 8 to 12) (Free offer)

MULTIPLICATION SQUARE (up to 12 with answers for years 6 to 12) (Worksheet with answers)

They include a special times table page that makes learning multiplication up to 12 easier and enjoyable!

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May 2019 update

MARCH 2019 update

MY STORY PROJECT STORY WRITING WITH PLAY THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING! WE’RE SO HAPPY YOU’RE HERE. Welcome! We really appreciate your interest in Lego Stories and hope you like what we have to offer. Take a look around and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks again! JOIN US! Lego Stories Date: 18/03/2019 Time: … Continue reading

FEBRUARY 2019 update

‘MY STORY’ project stories are accessible to readers for FREE. Talk Together London team continue delivering creative writing events and workshops at local libraries, schools and Canalside House. The team are updating Talk Together London’s story writing project archive both here on the Team Blog and on our main website regularly.


In a new project – Project Inspiration – our team are describing and discussing their experiences in delivery of after school activities and offering new perspectives and approaches in teaching, learning and self-development. Learning does not stop after school: whether we accept it or not, we like it or not – we are all lifelong learners!

We hope that our efforts are worthwhile, if we can support a little everyone looking for INSPIRATION.


If you wish to access printables and other resources, please visit –  you can support our projects by visiting the store, making a donation, reading the stories at our website’s STORY LIBRARY and accessing the resources and services offered by Talk Together London.

STORY ARCHIVE (2-13 years)

The stories are archived for 2-13 years of age here, at our Team Blog.

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STORY LIBRARY (2-19+ years)

The stories are archived for 2-19+ year olds and grouped according to age at our website (