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When we enjoy learning, we grow in confidence and succeed. Our team at Talk Together London CIC make reading, writing and maths fun and enjoyable and change lives. Ages 6 – 19. Registration and pre-booking advised.


Changing Lives?


We are Talk Together London CIC, based at 2 Canalside House, Ladbroke Grove, London.

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Sule, Project Director


Maths and thinking skills at Canalside House.

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When children enjoy writing or doing maths, they actually grow in confidence and enjoy learning more. They excel in spelling and grammar and expand their vocabulary. They feel comfortable thinking and talking about maths.


Story writing at Canalside House.

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Playful Story Writing with legos at North Kensington Library.

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Young writers tell their stories using legos or modelling clay at first, then focus on their spelling and grammar. We call it “Playful Story Writing”. Students can take care of the basics of literacy more easily after they finish writing their stories – not before! This way they don’t have to begin writing with the worry that they may not succeed in their writing skills.


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