Nearly the End of the World (by Alexandre)

One Sunday morning, I woke up in my bed and slowly turned around to look at the window.

Guess what I saw?

I saw a group of aliens with a big metal thing about two metres long. It had a lot of sharp edges, and looked dangerous!

I slowly and quietly crept outside the house, and hid in a bush for about five minutes until something very strange happened.

A man walked into the bushes to give the aliens a sheet of paper. I could only read the first sentence.

It said:

‘We drop it on 5th December.’

The words were repeating in my head over and over again.

At lunchtime, I was very quiet. My family asked me if anything was wrong, and I said:

“Nothing is wrong.”

After lunch, I rushed back to my room.

I then realised that the aliens were going to destroy Planet Earth! I immediately called the police.

Two days later, a big army was assembled and sent on rockets to destroy alien troops and stop the Earth’s death!


Author: ttlcic

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