The Missing Elephant (by Sumayyah)

Once upon a time there was a 39 year old elephant called Elliy who used to live in Asia, which was very hot, but now he was abducted by Chessington Zoo, which he did not like.

And every day there were always lots of visitors but there was one group of visitors, who were very fond of Elliy.

Until one day they asked the manager to take him back home to Africa.

And because of that, he shouted, ‘No!’ and he kept guard of Elliy so they couldn’t steal him.

And because of that, they stole him in the middle of the night and took it to Africa without the manager seeing.

Until finally, the manager called the detective and found the missing Elliy in Africa and brought him back to Chessington Zoo.

And ever since that day, the manager always looked after Elliy and put CCTV cameras in his pen.


Author: ttlcic

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