My Story Project: Iman’s Magic Carpet Story

My magic carpet is a glistening, purple mat which is beautifully designed to fly up into the sky and to surf across the oceans and seas and also to shine in the sun. It leaves a glittery trail when it flies.

I will go to see the famous city of Dubai, where my uncle lives. I would like to go sight-seeing to spot the breath-taking views of nature.

Next I’ll see my loving auntie to go shopping, to play with and to have fun with. And, if they have a garden, I can play out there all day.

Then I’ll travel to my dad’s country, Sudan, where I can meet my grandma, aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Afterwards I’ll have a lot of fun and games and have a few sleep overs.

Last of all I’ll say goodbye to my family and go back to my far way home, London.


Author: ttlcic

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