My Story Project: Sumayyah’s Magic Carpet Story

My magic carpet is scarlet; it has black detailed patterns, which are endless, and it even has a seat belt. Usually magic carpets don’t have them. It’s so unique.

I will go to see Spain. I’ve heard loads of amazing things about it. Like the sun. It is as bright as thousands of fire balls. Also I would like to see my friend Jana and go to the beach with her.

Next I’ll see America. I would like to learn their accent because I don’t know how they speak and to see Donald Trump.

Then I’ll travel to Holland Park on Halloween so that I could get many treats from Simon Cowell.  Then I’ll share sweets with my friends.

Afterwards I’ll go to the Amazon forest. It is so adventurous and there are lots of treasures to find.

Last of all I would like to go to Ethiopia to see my grandma and spend time with her.


Author: ttlcic

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