My Story Project: In Search of the Magic Ring (by Eliud)

I was in a village where I saw villagers planting crops and the villagers were very nice. I wanted to search for the magic ring because it can teleport you. Another thing it can do is it makes you taller and makes you stronger.

I crossed the red river where there were lots of boats and birds. I decided to take a boat to the Mighty Mountains. I used skis to go down and to go up I used climbing shoes. When I reached the Monster Cave, I saw a huge gigantic monster with green slime, sharp pointy hungry looking teeth and with very sharp claws.

I went under his legs to go out through the exit; there was too much snow to go down, so we used sleighs and before I knew it, I was standing next to the magic ring. Then, when I touched it, I teleported to a deep dark forest.


Author: ttlcic

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