My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Adriel)

Once upon a time there was a robot and he was called Robotic Bob and lived on the moon.


And every day he went to New york so he could save people’s lives and he gave people rides to make children happy.


Until one day a fire appeared in a house and he was giving one child a ride then the boy came to the emergency with him and said “water”; so he put the fire out. Then, when a whole crowd were watching him put out the fire, the crowd clapped their hands.


And because of that the boy and Robotic then felt happy; then ate fish and chips, afterwards they went to fight other crimes and took the person that was in the fire to the hospital.


And because of that Robotic asked “What’s your name?” and the boy said “Jake”, then Robotic gave Jake a bag because they rescued together; Robotic also got given powers and was so happy.


Until finally they then use their powers to make a tower to find emergency quicker to come and the next day Jake turned 18 he had a job to work with Robotic.


And ever since then they have a tower to fight crime. And can turn into a ship!!!!!!!


Author: ttlcic

Talk Together London C.I.C. offers ‘bridge building’ activities that enhance access to mainstream services. Please visit for more information.

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