Assessing Impact

TTL [Talk Together London CIC] continues to benefit from working in partnership with a broad range of organisations. As identified in 2009, the TTL delivery model continues to maximise a ‘joined up’ approach to local service delivery. In particular, TTL study support clubs are customised to ensure they meet the needs of local participants by involving a number of key stakeholders in the design of appropriate provision. For example, the views of school staff, local authority officers, funders, parents and carers are all considered during the planning stage. All external partners interviewed were consistently positive about their working relationship with TTL. Examples of comments made included,
‘They (TTL) offer amazing support and do a fantastic job.’
‘They (TTL) are valuable to me (partner).’

Matrix Standard Assessment Report (2013)
Their support has been invaluable in providing Assistants …  They help the children to focus on their learning, giving individual attention when required.  The various cultural and linguistic experiences of the Assistants has enabled them to relate well to the pupils and enriched the learning experiences for the children.

Inclusion Team

[It] …. is our most popular club and has very good attendance.  We provide … probably the largest range of afterschool clubs within a primary school … and despite the fact that is is competing with other clubs, which might perhaps be perceived as more popular options, the club has continuously held its own in terms of attendance and popularity.  I believe this to be a very clear indicator of success.


Regular attendance at the study support sessions delivered by Talk Together London CIC has helped students to work enthusiastically and successfully and to stay on track. They have been attending regularly the study support sessions offered by ‘Talk Together’ since 2009, when the project was based at the community centre.  Overall the end of year results are better than expected.  The additional support has helped them in preparing for assessments and exams.