How we can help

Our team is collecting stories that illustrate the depth and scope of the Study Support Clubs’ impact on student achievement and success.  We encourage you to contact us to share stories about the clubs’ impact on students’ career paths and personal growth.

In their own words students, partners, volunteers and staff share their stories…

Community Learning after School Project tutors and volunteers are role models who believe in students’ self-efficacy in improving and generating long lasting benefits for themselves and for their communities.

98% of learners on our programmes develop enhanced self-esteem, motivation to learn, confidence and improve their end of year results.

We are a social enterprise helping children, young people and families who are socially or economically disadvantaged. We help children and young people achieve more at school, through after-school support to help with homework and prepare for assessments.

We support parents and carers to motivate children and young people for a successful and brighter future.

We understand the needs of students whose first language at home is not English and offer specialised programmes.

We understand the need for extended school services and can fulfill the requirements for out of school care.

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