Volunteers’ Stories

Neeraj D Bharadwaj  – My experience volunteering with Talk Together London (TTL)

I volunteered as a tutor with TTL on Saturdays for over 9 months. This experience has been crucial in shaping some key life decisions I took after. Earlier, living in India, I had come to London to work as an accountant with a leading company in financial services.  Volunteering with TTL opened up a whole new area of interest for me and prompted me to quit my day job and move back to India to work in the non-profit education sector. I am enjoying my current role and will always be grateful to TTL for opening up this whole new chapter for me.

As a volunteer at TTL, I was given the freedom to take initiative both in terms of the approaches I took to teaching children to helping work on other areas such as designing marketing material, engaging with parents etc. Sule, the founder of TTL mentored me very well in my initial stages and was always happy to guide and help me. The experience of working with the children itself was a very memorable experience. In addition, to the joy derived from knowing that I was contributing meaningfully, this stint also challenged me to think of new ways and approaches to teach.

All in all volunteering with TTL was a brilliant and in many ways a life changing experience for me.

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