My Story Project: The Burglar (by Iris and Chloe #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a house and a man.

And every day he did the shopping.

Until one day a burglar came.

And because of that this burglar stole all the man’s food.

And because of that he also destroyed his garden.

Until finally the burglar went away.

And ever since the man only did his shopping on Fridays!








My Story Project: Chocolate Tower (by Elsa #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a Lego dragon house and this can soak with water anybody who comes closer to eat the chocolate tower.

And every day the dragon ate tons of chocolate crepes.

Until one day the bunny rabbit arrived and went on the car to the Lego museum and she brought back this white Lego window.

And because of that she also brought a Lego seater.

And because of that she fit it into the hole and then pushed it.

Until finally the dragon came back and the bunny rabbit hid somewhere until the dragon found her.

And ever since they became friends and ate the chocolate tower.







My Story Project: The Farm (by Farah #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a farm.

And every day the animals played on the farm.

Until one day they had a fight.

And because of that the rooster stopped talking with the goat.

And because of that they had another fight.

Until finally they said sorry!

And ever since they are best friends.







My Story Project: Haunted House (by Christiano R. #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was one big and ugly haunted house.

And every day, when children and people passed, the house made a silly noise.

Until one day one brave boy went inside.

And because of that the whole town was cheering.

And because of that the house wasn’t scary anymore.

Until finally people liked it.

And ever since people wanted to play inside.







My Story Project: The Food Shop (by Omar #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a shop man.

And every day he sold lots of delicious yummy food.

Until one day his friends came to the shop.

And because of that suddenly he said, sorry, I don’t have any food.

And because of that his friend was angry.

Until finally he made lots of food and his friend was happy.

And ever since he is making lots of food.







My Story Project: The Old Lady (by Bob #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a sad old woman. She never ate vegetables or fruit.

And every day she would eat cakes and ice cream.

Until one day she was so fat you could see her sweat.

And because of that people ran away from her.

And because of that she stared at an apple.

Until finally she ate a balanced diet.

And ever since she is healthy and not wrinkly.







My Story Project: Silly Little Sheep (by Molly #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a silly little sheep.

And every day he played with his monkey friends.

Until one day he saw cookies.

And because of that he didn’t play with them anymore.

And because of that he became fat.

Until finally he was so bored and he missed his friends.

And ever since he never wanted to be alone.







My Story Project: Guests (by Sasha #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a butterfly.

And every day she ate cupcakes.

Until one day she saw a rabbit.

And because of that she brought the rabbit to the butterfly’s house.

And because of that they played the guitar together.

Until finally they went and played in the little house.

And ever since the rabbit has left.







My Story Project: Lego (by Dahl #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved Lego.

And every day he built extraordinary designs.

Until one day he didn’t know what to build.

And because of that he stopped building.

And because of that he didn’t like Lego anymore.

Until finally he knew what to build and liked Lego again.

And ever since he continued to build again.






My Story Project: Castle (by Liya #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a little girl and boy. They lived in a little castle and ate cupcakes and food and chocolate cake.

And every day they loved to play in the park.

Until one day they began to always read together.

And because of that they were getting intelligent.

And because of that it helped them to be very good.

Until finally they kept reading books.

And ever since they are happy as friends.








#Playful #Story #Writing

#PlayfulStoryWriting group for children and families meets at North Kensington Library 3rd Monday of each month from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. Children can play with Lego or modelling clay and write a short, 7-sentence story, together with their parents and carers. For more information, please contact the library.  @RBKCculture @RBKCLibraries


My Story Project: My Toys (by Michael #children #story #writing #play)

Once upon a time I was playing.

And every day I played with everything.


Until one day someone stole all my toys.

And because of that I ran out to find them

And because of that I looked behind a tree.

Until finally I found them in the attic.

And ever since I keep my toys in my room.






My Story Project: I Was Bored (by Riley #children #story #writing #play)

Once upon a time I was bored.

And every day I sat down.


Until one day I went to the Avenues.

And because of that I had fun.

And because of that I made friends.

Until finally I became happy.

And ever since I don’t get bored now.






My Story Project: The Anchor in the Museum (by Anon #children #story #writing #play)

Once upon a time there was an anchor in the museum.

And every day a group of nasty pirates tried to steal the anchor from the museum.

Until one day the guards tried to capture them. But it was too late because the pirates had already shot the guards dead.

And because of that the captain stayed in the museum.

And because of that they faced the dynamic duo, which made the pirate queen get all the money.

Until finally the captain took the anchor to the ship.

And ever since a pirate tried to kill them, but they were unstoppable.






My Story Project: Omar the Parcel Pup (by Parcel Pup #children #story #writing)

Once upon a time there was a parcel pup called ‘Omar’.


And every day he delivered parcels in Adventure Bay.

Until one day Omar’s van was broken.

And because of that no more deliveries could be made.

And because of that Omar was sad.

Until finally the van was fixed!

And ever since deliveries are always on time!






Ceramic Exhibition at #RBKC #Library, following story #writing

Yesterday, there was also a wine reception for potter Sonia Watson’s ceramic exhibition  @RBKCLibraries – from 6:30 to 8:00, following the #storywriting event (see previous post).  Story writing with creative activities takes places  from 3:30 to 5:30, so the children had gone home by then.  But, we could not resist taking photos of Sonia Watson’s beautiful frogs, because surely the children would have loved them, had they seen them!

What do you think?








Summer Messy #Play and Story #Writing in RBKC Library

Yesterday, in North Kensington Library @RBKCLibraries – (third Monday of every month there is story writing with creative activities) – parents and children enjoyed modelling clay together, made slime, and wrote stories. The favourite clay animal of the afternoon was the snake! Here are some photos from the afternoon:

Can’t wait to read the published stories?  Come back to read them!






My Story Project: My Bike (by Crilia – #kidswrite #writingprompts #play #learn #motivation)

Once upon a time there was a red and black bike with two wheels.


And every day the bike went through the park and some days I saw my friend in the park and some days in the library and sometimes I don’t ride my bike.

Until one day I was riding my bike downhill and while I was riding downhill I used the brakes.

And because of that I go downhill and uphill and sometimes when I am going uphill I need help.

And because of that today when I was going to school my dad pushed me up the hill.

Until finally when the school finished my dad picked me up.

And ever since I do like my new bike. I also have a bike with four wheels, but I like them both!






My Story Project: The Three Friends (by Ole – #kidswrite #writingprompts #play #learn #motivation)

Once upon a time there was a tiger called Ricky.


And every day he ate in the forest and he played with his friend the leopard.

Until one day another tiger wanted to come and play.

And because of that they played together.

And because of that they had fun.

Until finally they got hungry. They drank some water from the lake in the forest and they ate.

And ever since they are friends.






My Story Project: The Little Girl (by Sumayya – #kidswrite #writingprompts #play #learn #motivation)

TTLCIC17_17_05_19_330Once upon a time there was a little girl.

And every day she drank milk.

Until one day she went outside.

And because of that she did not drink milk.

And because of that she got little every day.

Until finally she started drinking milk.

And ever since she started having her breakfast and she is growing now.